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Lot #04/01 A thousand miles up the Nile by Amelia B. Edwards. An account of travels up the Nile, with much on the architecture, religion, etc.. London, George Routledge & Sons, (1888). Second edition. 8vo. Decorative cloth. Pp. xxvii,499, full-page & smaller wood-engravings, 1 tinted lithograph of hieroglyphics. Covers rubbed, back cover mottled, quite heavy browning in the text. Good. Reserve price: R220.00 SOLD

Lot #04/02 Between Woodbush and Wolkberg:  Googoo Thompson’s story recorded, researched and written by B.E.H. Wongtschowski. The recollections of a pioneering woman of the Transvaal lowveld in the early 1900s & of farming, prospecting, mining, etc. A photocopy of the original edition (1987), printed one side only. 8vo. Pp. 214, photos, portraits, facsimile. Good+ Reserve price: R70.00

Lot #04/03 The geology of the Olifants River area, Transvaal: an explanation of sheets 2429B (Chuniespoort) and 2430A (Wolkberg) by J.S.I. Schwellnus, L.N.J. Engelbrecht, F.J. Coertze, H.D. Russell, S.J. Malherbe, D.P. van Rooyen and R. Cooke …. Text in English, with an Afrikaans summary. The sheets 2429B & 2430A are not present. “Republic of South Africa, Department of Mines, Geological Survey …. 50th Anniversary.” Pretoria, Government Printer, 1962. First edition. 8vo. Printer wrappers. Pp. 87, black / white photo-plates, folding diagram, tables, map. Covers soiled. Good. Reserve price: R150.00

Lot #04/04 Gypsum in the Union of South Africa by H. Wasserstein. A study of this mineral & it’s uses mainly in construction & fertilisers in South Africa. “Union of South Africa, Department of Mines, Geological Series” Bulletin no. 3. Pretoria, Government Printer, 1935. First edition. 8vo. Printer wrappers. Pp. 35, tables, 2 maps. Covers a bit torn & corners creased, library-stamps & signatures on covers & in the text. Good+ Reserve price: R40.00 SOLD

Lot #04/05 The Andalusite sands of the Western Transvaal by F.C. Partridge. The A study of this high purity mineral or crystal & it’s uses in South Africa. “Union of South Africa, Department of Mines, Geological Series” Bulletin no. 2. Pretoria, Government Printer, 1934. First edition. 8vo. Printer wrappers. Pp. 16, tables. Library-stamps & signature on cover & some text pages. Good+ Reserve price: R40.00 SOLD


Lot #04/06 Pray for peace in Namibia: a collection of forty addresses given in St George’s Cathedral, Windhoek by Murray Dell, Dean of Windhoek. A selection of Anglican sermons, with some political overtones. Windhoek, Gamsberg Publishers, 1979. First edition. 8vo. Printer wrappers. Pp. 91, portrait. Covers & text lightly browned. Good+ Reserve price: R130.00

Lot #04/07 Working Group of Indigenous Minorities in Southern Africa (WIMSA) …. Report on Activities, April 2000 to March 2001 A report on the progress of this NGO in its efforts on behalf of the San (Bushmen) minorities in Botswana & northern Namibia. Looks at education & training, tourism, natural resources, networking, etc.. Windhoek, WIMSA, 2001. First edition. 4to. Printer wrappers. Pp. 83, photos, portraits, map. some foxing. Good+ Reserve price: R110.00 

Lot #04/08 Die toekoms van Suidwes-Afrika gebou op die werklikheid by Adv. Bryan O’Linn. O’Linn moved to SWA as a child in 1929 & became interested in politics & race relations in Namibia & became leader of the Federal Party. Inscribed to Prof. Barend v Niekerk & signed by the author. Van Niekerk was a leading legal academic in Durban, a noted anti-apartheid activist, he was twice prosecuted by the apartheid government. Windhoek, Verenigde Pers, 1974. First Afrikaans edition. 8vo. Hardcover. Pp. (viii),iv,128, portrait, tables. Covers lightly stained. Good+ Reserve price: R130.00

Lot #04/09 Van Riebeeck Festival, South West Africa, 1952 A very basic guide to the economy of Namibia, with some interesting photos of mining & agriculture practices. Cape Town, (South African Government), 1952. First edition. Landscape format. 8vo. Printer wrappers. Pp. (24), black / white photos, tables, map. Pamphlet creased, cover torn at top of spine. Good+ Reserve price: R320.00

Lot #04/10 Tussen Namib en Kalahari: 75 Jaar Katolieke Sending in Windhoek, Suidwes-Afrika An issue of the magazine “Angelus,” Sept/Oct. 1972. Contains information on the history of the church in Namibia for most of the 20th century. Nice historical photos of all the church buildings. Afrikaans text. Windhoek, “Angelus,” 1972. First edition. Folio. Printer wrappers. Pp. 52, black / white photos, portraits, maps. Cover edges browned, creased & torn. Fair+. Reserve price: R100.00

Lot #04/11 The Namibian struggle, Vol. 1, no. 1 A publication of the political party The Turnhalle Alliance, being the first issue of their official mouthpiece. Interesting articles on policy, conferences, SWAPO, etc.. Windhoek, The Information Department of the Democratic Turnhalle Alliance, 1981. First edition. 8vo. Printer wrappers. Pp. 36, black / white photos, portraits, illustrations, map. Name-stamp on cover & page 1. VG. Reserve price: R160.00 bids welcome

Lot #04/12 Namibia …. Artikel 13 der Menschenrechte: Jeder Mensch hat das Recht auf Freizügigkeit und freie Wahl seines Wohnsitzes innerhalbeines Staates …. Studienheft A series of articles on legal rights, race relations, Germans in Namibia, church in Namibia, ownership of land. “Namibia Woche: Menschenrechte ausser Kraft.” German text. Ökummenischen Projektgruppe “Namibia-Woche,” 1962. First edition. 4to. Printer wrappers. Various pagination. Photos, portraits, illustrations, cartoons, facsimiles, tables, maps. Covers rubbed, owner’s label on first page, text pages browned. Good+ Reserve price: R170.00

Lot #04/13 Namibian workers organise A well produced account of the trade union movement NUNW in Namibia & the support given it by COSATU. Excellent historical photos & portraits of early colonial days through to modern activist. Loosely inserted is a SWAPO party sticker – see photo. Johannesburg, COSATU, (1989). First edition. 4to. Thin card covers. Pp. 75, photos, illustrations, portraits, facsimiles. VG. Reserve price: R200.00

Lot #04/14 A San journey: the story of the !Xun and Khwe of Platfontein by David Robbins. An interesting study of the Bushmen who were displaced, fought in the border war with South African soldiers & eventually found peace in Platfontein, near Kimberley. Robbins is a leading investigative journalist. Kimberley, Sol Plaatje Educational Trust, (c. 2004). First edition. 4to. Spiral bound pamphlet. Pp. 45, black / white photos. Corners slightly creased. Good+ Reserve price: R230.00


Lot #04/15 The grand design of the 20th century by Douglas Reed. The author’s essay on a conspiracy to form a world government & the influence this was having on the British Empire & Africa. Pinetown, Dolphin Press, 1977. First edition (?). 12mo. Printer wrappers. Pp. (iii),iv,45. Cover slightly worn. Good+ Reserve price: R120.00

Lot #04/16 Eenige correspondentie uit 1899 by Dr. W.J. Leyds. This volume consists of correspondence from around Europe during the months before the Anglo-Boer War. Leyds was Secretary of State in the Z.A.R. and Special Envoy for that Boer Republic in Brussels during the Anglo-Boer War, where he succeeded to some extent in winning support for the Boer Republics. Among his correspondents were W.P.S. Schreiner & F.W. Reitz. Dutch text. This is copy no. 220 of an unspecified limited edition. SABIB, 3/111 last column, 3 from bottom. Dordrecht, Geuze, 1919. First edition. 8vo. Thin card covers. Pp.(viii),249. Covers & text somewhat browned. An unopened copy. Good+ Reserve price: R310.00

Lot #04/17 Ontwikkeling en vooruitgang van Bantoegemeenskappe  verklaring deur Sy Edele dr. H.F. Verwoerd, Minister van Naturellesake, in die Senaat van die Parlement van die Unie van Suid-Afrika, 20 Junie 1955 An important political pamphlet, used by the apartheid government in South Africa,  to keep the masses of the majority in their place. A guide to Verwoerd’s separate development ideal. Pretoria, Inligtingsafdeling van die Departement van Naturellesake,1955. First edition. 8vo. Wrappers. Pp. 21, black / white photos. Covers unevenly browned, some creasing. Good+ Reserve price: R160.00 

Lot #04/18 Trees and shrubs of Southern Rhodesia [Parts #1 – #4] by Miss E.C. Steedman. 4 issues of the “Proceedings of the Rhodesia Scientific Association” being volumes 24, 26, 28 & 31 (each volume, apart from part #4, is solely dedicated to these articles on botany of Zimbabwe). This is the complete work as published in this scientific journal. In 1933 the author published a single volume Trees, shrubs & lianas of Southern Rhodesia. Scientific Association, 1924 – 1932. First edition. 4 issues. 8vo. Thin card covers. Pp. 41 + 39 + 48 + 30, line drawings. VG. Reserve price: R150.00


Lot #04/19 Archer in Africa by William Negley …. foreword by Harry Tennison. The author was probably the first serious archer to hunt Africa’s big game in the 1950s and after. “National Sporting Fratery Limited, African Hunting Heritage Collection” #24. Copy no. 631 of 1000 copies, signed by William Negley & Jim Rikhoff, contained in a matching slip-case. Clinton [USA], Amwell Press, 1989. First edition. 8vo. Full leather. Pp. xiii,235,(1), photos, portraits.+Fine. Reserve price: 2200.00 sold

Lot #04/20 A pioneering hunter by Brian Marsh. An autobiography of a professional hunter who hunted East Africa, Mozambique, the Rhodesias & Botswana. Copy no. 299 of a limited printing of 1000 numbered copies, signed by the author. The 54th book published in the “Classics in African Hunting Series.” Contained in a n matching cloth slip-case. Long Beach [USA], Safari Press, 2006. First edition. 8vo. Decorative cloth. Pp. xi,(i),244, black / white photo-plates, portraits, illustrations. Fine. Reserve price: R1500.00

Lot #04/21 Legends of the African frontier [the life and times of Africa’s most unforgettable characters, 1800-1945] by David Chandler. Encyclopaedic form historical biographies of many of the most colourful, interesting & important characters to live, explore & hunt in Africa over one & a half centuries. Over 1200 people are identified, given a biographical description, books written & published by them are mentioned. As an example of characters covered, the letter “T” includes Leslie Tarlton, Pondoro Taylor, Count Teleki, E.A. Temple-Perkins, Wilfred Thesiger, Joseph Thomson, Tippu Tib, Richard Tjader, Margarete Trappe & Harold Trollope. Long Beach, Safari Press, 2008. Second edition. 4to. Hardcover. Pp. xi,419, black / white photos, portraits, map. Previous owner’s signature on paste-down. VG. Reserve price: R690.00 sold


Lot #04/22 The dangerous game: true stories of dangerous hunting on three continents by Walt Prothero. Describes hunting experiences in Asia, North America & Africa. The latter, mainly hunting the most dangerous game. Copy no. 282 of a limited edition of only 500 copies, signed by the author. The 28th book in the “Classics in African Hunting Series”. Long Beach, [USA], Safari Press, 2006. First edition. 8vo. Decorative cloth. Pp. xviii,297, black / white photo-plates, portraits, illustrations. Some faint foxing. VG. Reserve price: R950.00

Lot #04/23 From sailor to professional hunter: the autobiography of John Northcote by John Northcote. A personal account of fifty years as professional hunter in East & Central Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwe & Botswana). Copy no. 730 of a limited edition of 1000 copies, signed by the author. Agoura [USA], Trophy Room Books, 1997. First edition. 4to. Cloth. Dust jacket. Pp. xix,394, black / white photos, portraits, maps. VG. Reserve price: R1450.00

Lot #04/24 Mundjamba: the life story of an African hunter by Hugo Seia. The account of a professional big game hunter who started off in Angola but was forced to flee the country & ply his trade in other central African countries. With an introduction by Tony Sanchez-Ariňo. Copy no. 968 of a limited edition of 1000 copies signed by the author (twice – once on end-paper). Agoura [ USA], Trophy Room Books, 1995. First edition. 4to. Cloth. Dust jacket. Pp. xxxvii,383, black / white-photos, portraits, maps. Dust jacket protected by wrap-around plastic. VG. Reserve price: R1550.00


Lot #04/25 Nyati: a guide to hunting Zimbabwe’s most dangerous big game …. the southern buffalo by “Doctari.” A detailed work on hunting buffalo in Zimbabwe, with details on equipment, techniques, etc.. Harare [Zimbabwe], Mag-Set Publications, 1996. First edition. 8vo. Laminated thin card covers. Pp. xix,108, photos (some colour), tables, map. Covers a bit creased, some faint foxing. Good+ Reserve price: R460.00 

Lot #04/26 An outline of #Khomani Bushman phonetics by C.M. Doke. A reprint of a single article on the phonetics of a specific southern Bushman group. Johannesburg, Witwatersrand University Press, 1936. Reprint from “Bantu Studies,” December, 1936. 8vo. Printer wrappers. Pp. (433) – 460, photo-plate, diagrams, tables. Slight creasing & browning. Good+ Reserve price: R90.00

Lot #04/27 A bibliography of South African geology for the years 1931 to 1935 (inclusive) …. authors’ index by A.L. Hall. A bibliography of the geology of the whole continent for these four years (includes bits of palaeontology & archaeology here & there). “Geological Survey Memoir” no. 30. Pretoria, Union of South Africa, Department of Mines, 1937. First edition. 8vo. Printer wrappers. Pp. 168. Covers slightly creased, signature on front cover, some browning. Good+ Reserve price: R80.00


Lot #04/28 Southern Africa: a geographical study …. Volume 2: economic and human geography by John H. Wellington. A valuable resource, including the migrations, separate development, population growth, etc.. Only volume two is present.  Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 1960. Reprinted. 8vo. Cloth. Dust jacket. Pp. xviii,283, black / white photo-plates, portraits, tables, maps (including 4 folding colour maps in pocket inside back cover). Dust jacket price-clipped, some old tape-marks on covers & paste-downs. Good+ Reserve price: R110.00

Lot #04/29 Remember Kassinga and other papers on political prisoners and detainees in Namibia “Fact Paper on Southern Africa” no. 9. London, International Defence & Aid Fund, 1981. First edition. 8vo.  Thin card covers. Pp. (iii),52. Previous owner’s paper-label on title-page. VG. Reserve price: R140.00 

Lot #04/30 A young South African: a memoir of Ferrar Reginald Mostyn Cleaver, Advocate and Veldcornet edited by his mother. A series of letters written by a Transvaaler of British descent, who fought with Cronje and was sent to Ceylon as Boer prisoner. HACKETT, p. 136. Johannesburg, W.E. Hortor, 1913. First edition. 8vo. Original two-tone cloth. Pp. xv,200, frontispiece (portrait). Spine a bit darkened & frayed at head & foot, some foxing. Good+ Reserve price: R380


Lot #04/31 ‘n Kommandoprediker. Een en ander uit die lewe van die Weleerwaarde Heer James Murray Louw, in lewe Predikant van die Ned. Herv. of Geref. Gemeente van Boksburg, Transvaal, en Kommandoprediker by die Republikeinse Burgermagte …. die Tweede Vryheidsoorlog, 1899-1902 by Albert Kuit .… met ‘n voorwoord van Adv. N.J. de Wet. A diary kept during the Anglo-Boer War. Dutch text. Pretoria, J.H.B. de Bussy, 1948. First edition. 8vo. Cloth. Dust jacket. Pp. (viii),164, photo-plates, portrait. Dust jacket a bit creased & torn along top-edge, gift inscription on end-paper, some browning. VG. Reserve price: R400.00

Lot #04/32 Natal Drakensberg by David A. Dodds. A brief guide to all aspects of the Natal Drakensberg. “Pride of South Africa” series #26. Cape Town, Purnell South Africa, 1978. First edition. 8vo. Thin card covers. Pp. 24, photos (some colour), map. Some faint foxing. VG. Reserve price: R130.00

Lot #04/33 Dias 88: Nasionale Fees / National Festival …. Mossel Bay – Mosselbaai, 29 Jan. – 6 Feb. A programme of events taking place  (Mossel Bay, Dias Festival Office, 1988). First edition. 8vo/ Printer wrappers. Pp. 35, black / white photos, portraits, town plan. VG. Reserve price: R100.00


Lot #04/34 Nasate van Pres. Paul Kruger by H.J. van S. Schoeman. This book is a study of the genealogy of President Paul Kruger, mainly looking at his descendants. Afrikaans text. Pretoria, Privately published, 2000.  First edition. 4to. Thin card covers. Pp. (viii),154,(2), portrait. Cover corners slightly creased, name-stamp on end-paper.  VG. Reserve price: R230.00 sold

Lot #04/35 Arthur Shearly Cripps: a selection of his prose and verse compiled & introduced by G.R. Brown, A.J. Chennells & L.B. Rix. A selection of the Zimbabwe poet’s short pieces of prose & poetry, with biographical & other notes. “Mambo Writers Series, English Section” vol. 1. Gwelo [Zimbabwe], Mambo Press, 1984. First edition. 8vo. Thin card covers. Pp. 308, Previous owner’s details inside front cover. Good+ Reserve price: R180.00

Lot #04/36 The people of the Great River: the Tonga hoped the water would follow them by Fr. Michael Tremmel …. artwork by Loes Roos. Deals with the resettlement of the Tonga people from their land alongside the Zambesi River due to the building of Lake Kariba. “Kariba Studies” volume 3. Gweru, Mambo Press, 1994. First edition. Printer wrappers. Pp. 76, (4), illustrations, portraits, folding map. Good+ Reserve price: R200.00

Lot #04/37 National Monuments of Zambia: an illustrated guide by D.W. Phillipson …. revised by N.M. Katankwa. The monuments include Bushman art sites, archaeological, historical & scenic sites. Livingstone [Zambia], National Monuments Commission, 198. Second printing. 8vo. Thin card covers. Pp. 110, black / white photos, portraits, tables, folding map. Some creasing of corners. Good+ Reserve price: R160.00

Lot #04/38 Uit die verlede …. en ons sêgoed  by Kapt. J.A. Landman. Afrikaans articles on the conflict area around the South Africa-Swazi border, tribal raids, Anglo-Boer War, sayings, jokes & short stories. Finishes with a couple of letters concerning race & South Africa’s future. Unusual brief recollections. Piet Retief, Privately published, (c. 1970). First edition. 8vo. Printer wrappers. Pp. 47, photos, portraits. Covers & text browned. Good+ Reserve price: R170.00

Lot #04/39 A field guide Southern Africa Acacia …. by Marthinus Steyn. This comprehensive revision of a quite primitive pamphlet on Acacias is the best guide on the subject. Text in English & Afrikaans. Polokwane, Privately published, 2007. First edition thus. 4to. Thin card covers. Pp. iii,77, colour photos, tables, map. VG. Reserve price: R140.00 SOLD


Lot #04/40 The silviculture of the indigenous forests of the Union of South Africa with special reference to the forests of the Knysna region by F.S. Laughton. An excellent work on indigenous component of forest trees, particularly in the southern Cape area. “Department of Agriculture and Forestry (Division of Forestry, Forest Research Section), Forestry Series” no. 7. Pretoria, Department of Agriculture and Forestry (Division of Forestry, Forest Research Section), 1937. First edition. 8vo. Printer wrappers. Pp. 168, black / white photo-plates. Some browning. Good+ Reserve price: R130.00 SOLD

Lot #04/41 An account of the plant ecology of the Table Mountain area of Pietermaritzburg, Natal by D.J.B. Killick. “Botanical Survey of South Africa” Memoir no. 32.  Pretoria, Botanical Research Institute, 1959. First edition. 8vo. Printer wrappers. Pp. (iii),133, photo-plates, diagrams (some folding), folding map. Foxing & browning. VG. Reserve price: R150.00

Lot #04/42 An account of the plant ecology of the Cathedral Peak area of the Natal Drakensberg by D.J.B. Killick. “Botanical Survey of South Africa” Memoir no. 34. Pretoria, Botanical Research Institute, 1963. First edition. 8vo. Printer wrapper. Pp. (vi),178, 2 folding panoramas, photos, tables, folding map. Light toning of paper. VG. Reserve price: R150.00

Lot #04/43 Insects of Southern Africa edited by Clarke H. Scholtz & Erik Holm. The most comprehensive, general work on South African insects. Signed by Holm on the title-page. Pretoria, University of Pretoria, 1996. Fourth impression. 4to. Hardcover. Dust jacket. Pp. (x),502, 12 colour plates, numerous black / white plates, diagrams, tables. Stain on edges near the front top. Good+ Reserve price: R300.00

Lot #04/44 The mineral laws of the Orange River Colony, including the mining of precious metals ordinance, 1904, the mining of precious  stones ordinance, 1904, the mining of base metal and minerals ordinance, 1904, and the mines regulations, with notes and a complete index by W.H. Somerset  Bell. A standard work on mineral laws for the time. Rare. SABIB, 3/596f   first column, last book (only five copies listed). Grahamstown, African Book Co., 1904. First edition. 8vo. Cloth. Pp. (vii),308. Covers lightly stained, three previous owners’ signatures on front paste-down & end-papers. Good+ Reserve price: R360.00

Lot #04/45 Report on the mines and mineral resources of natal (other than coal) by F.H. Hatch. An important “Colony of Natal, Report.” done by a well-known geologist, who did similar works on the Witwatersrand, this one being the most interesting & important. Valuable as an accoun466 travels in Zululand and experiences with Zulu miners. Rare. SABIB, 2/518 first column, third from bottom (only ten copies listed).  London, Published by Order of the Natal Government, 1910. First edition. 8vo. Cloth. Pp. xii,155,(1), black / white photos, diagrams some folding, tables, 2 folding maps (1 full colour). Cloth quite severely stained Good+ Reserve price: R700.00

Lot #04/46 The story of theatre in South Africa: a guide to its history from 1780-1930 by Jill Fletcher. A useful history of theatre in South Africa, based on F.C.L. Bosman’s major work, only available in Afrikaans. Cape Town, Vlaeberg, 1994. First edition. 4to. Hardcover. Pp. 160, black / white photos, illustrations, portraits, facsimiles. Good+ Reserve price: R160.00

Lot #04/47 Pyporrels in Suid-Afrika by Albert Troskie. A history  of large organs in South Africa, the construction, craftsmen, wood workers & metal workers. Afrikaans text. Pretoria, J.L. van Schaik, 1992. First edition. 4to. Hardcover. Pp. (viii),159, black / white photos, portraits, facsimiles. Name-stamp on end-paper. Good+ Reserve price: R120.00 SOLD

Lot #04/48 Further South African recollections by Sir James Tennant Molteno. This second volume of reminiscences deals with the ten years after the Anglo-Boer War, reconstruction, the Jameson government, Merriman government, National Convention, in all of which Molteno was personally involved. London, Methuen & Co., 1926. First edition. 8vo. Cloth. Pp. xiii,(1),236,8 (adverts.), portraits. Name-stamp on top-edges & a few pages, some foxing. Good+ Reserve price: R200.00

Lot #04/49 South Africa. An address delivered by Sir Donald Currie … [to the Royal Colonial Institute at their meeting in London on Tuesday, the 10th April, 1888 by Sir Donald Currie …. with an index compiled by Florence M. Vogt. A long address on the state of South Africa, politically, financially, etc., at that time. Just after discovery of gold on the Witwatersrand, there is a lot of discussion on diamond & gold mining throughout the country. “State Library Reprints” no. 50. Pretoria, State Library, 1970. Facsimile reprint. 8vo. Cloth. Pp. (i),48. Covers lightly marked, some faint toning of text pages. VG. Reserve price: R230.00

Lot #04/50 Die geskiedenis van die Tweede Vryheidsoorlog in Suid-Afrika, 1899-1902. Deel 1. Die Boere-offensief, Okt.-Nov. 1899 by J.H. Breytenbach. The first volume of this major work on the Anglo-Boer War. Includes the Boer offensive in Natal (including Talana, Dundee, siege of Ladysmith, etc.), on the Transvaal border with Bechuanaland and in the northern Cape. Afrikaans text. Pretoria, Government Printer, 1969. First edition. 8vo. Cloth. Pp. x,508, photos, portraits, tables, folding colour m, in which Molteno was personally involved.aps (including one loose in pocket at back). Covers slightly rubbed, name-stamp on end-paper, some browning of pages. Good+ Reserve price: R330.00  SOLD

Lot #04/51 Die geskiedenis van die Tweede Vryheidsoorlog in Suid-Afrika, 1899-1902. Deel 2. Die eerste Britse offensief, Nov.-Des. 1899 by J.H. Breytenbach. The second volume of this major work on the Anglo-Boer War. Includes Belmont, Graspan, Magersfontein & Stormberg in the Cape & Colenso in Natal, as well as the sieges of Kimberley & Ladysmith. Afrikaans text. Pretoria, Government Printer, 1971. First edition. 8vo. Cloth. Pp. x,513, photos, portraits, tables, folding colour maps. Covers slightly rubbed, spine lightly sunned, name-stamp on end-paper, some browning Good+ Reserve price: R330.00 SOLD

Lot #04/52 Die geskiedenis van die Tweede Vryheidsoorlog in Suid-Afrika, 1899-1902. Deel 3. Die stryd in Natal, Jan.-Feb., 1900 by J.H. Breytenbach. The third volume of this major work on the Anglo-Boer War deals almost exclusively with the war in Natal. Includes Spioenkop, Vaalkrans, Hlangwane & Pietershoogte. Afrikaans text. Pretoria, Government Printer, 1973. First edition. 8vo. Cloth. Pp. xi,594, photos, portraits, tables, folding colour maps. Covers rubbed, previous own on end-paper & some notes by him in the text, some browning. Good+ Reserve price: R330.00 SOLD

Lot #04/53 Die geskiedenis van die Tweede Vryheidsoorlog in Suid-Afrika, 1899-1902. Deel 4. Die Boereterugtog uit Kaapland by J.H. Breytenbach. The fourth volume of this major work on the Anglo-Boer War. Includes campaigning in the Cape & Free State & particularly the clashes between French/Roberts & Cronje. Pretoria, Government Printer, 1977. First edition. 8vo. Cloth. Pp. xiii,513, portraits, tables, numerous folding colour maps. Covers slightly rubbed, name-stamp on end-paper, some browning. Good+ Reserve price: R330.00 SOLD

Lot #04/54 Marlborough: his life and times by Sir Winston S. Churchill. A truly great biography of one of Churchill’s famous ancestors & a famous military strategist. A completely revised edition, originally published in four volumes, originally published 1933-1938. Here complete work in two fat volumes. Not Africana, the chapter headings read like something out of Sherlock Holmes. “The Camaret Bay letter” or “The mortified adventurer.” London, George G. Harrap & Co., 1958. Reprint. Two volumes. 8vo. Decorative cloth. Dust jackets. Pp. 1050 + 1078, frontispiece (portraits), facsimiles  (some folding),nearly 200 maps & plans (many folding). Price-clipped dust jackets now protected by wrap-around plastic, name-stamp on end-papers, slight toning of paper. Good+ Reserve price: R250.00

Lot #04/55 A history of the English-speaking peoples by Winston S. Churchill.   Churchill’s vision of the influence of the English people in their own sphere & on world history. The fourth volume includes South Africa, America and other British colonies & concludes with a chapter on the Anglo-Boer War. London, Cassell & Co., 1956 – 1958. Volume #1 – Reprint. Others – First editions. Complete set of four volumes. 8vto. Cloth. Dust jackets. Pp.xxi,416 + xi,344 + xi,332 + xi,322, genealogical tables, maps. Dust jackets very worn & with chips out (now protected by wrap-around plastic), cover-edges a bit rubbed. A good complete set. for the set of four volumes Reserve price: R300.00

Lot #04/56 Die geskiedenis van Wolmaransstad by P.H.S.van Zijl. A history of this Western Transvaal town, including A.H. Potgieter the Voortrekker leader and ox-wagons, as well as the Anglo-Boer War in the district. Afrikaans text. (Wolmaransstad, Town Council), 1966. First edition. 4to. Hardcover. Dust jacket. Pp. 155, photos (some tinted), portraits, tables, maps. Dust jacket slightly torn & browned. Good+ Reserve price: R240.00

Lot #04/57 Sterkstroom: gedenkboek – commemoration album, 1875-1975 A history of this Karoo village between Somerset East & Cradock. Gives brief biographies of eminent citizens, partly in English, partly Afrikaans. (Sterkstroom, The Municipality), 1975. First edition. 8vo. Hardcover. Pp. (x),134, black / white photos, portraits (1 page loosely inserted). No dust jacket, covers lightly stained, text browned. Good+ Reserve price: R220.00

Lot #04/58 The French colonel: Villebois-Mareuil and the Boers, 1899-1900 by Roy Macnab. The part played by Villebois-Mareuil, the Commander of the International Legion of Boer Supporters in Natal, northern Cape and Orange Free State, during the Anglo-Boer War. Cape Town, Oxford University Press, 1975. First edition. 8vo. Hardcover. Dust jacket. Pp. 270, plates, portraits, maps. Dust jacket a bit rubbed & browned. Good+ Reserve price: R170.00

Lot #04/59 Die bittereinders, Junie 1901- Mei 1902 by M.A. Gronum. An Afrikaans study of the Anglo-Boer War, the second in a series by the author, this one dealing with continued warfare until “the bitter end.”  Cape Town, Tafelberg, 1974. First edition. 8vo. Hardcover. Dust jacket. Pp. (viii),150, portraits, end-paper maps. Dust jacket browned. Good+ Reserve price: R160.00

Lot #04/60 Historic farms of South Africa: the wool, the wheat, and the wine of the 17th and 18th centuries by Dorothea Fairbridge. A well illustrated & readable account of the historic farms & houses of the Cape, the types of crop, stock, farm workers & methods of farming. The scarce dust jacket is present, if with some chips out. London, Oxford University Press, 1931. First edition. 4to. Cloth. Dust jacket. Pp. xii,194, plates (2 colour), portraits, facsimiles, plans, maps. Dust jacket marked, with some chips out at top of spine, as well as top & bottom edges, signature on end-paper. Good+ Reserve price: R1000.00

Lot #04/61 An eloquent picture gallery: the South African portrait photographs of Gustav Fritsch, 1863-1865 edited by Keith Dietrich & Andrew Bank. The photos taken by Fritsch, when as a young man (recently qualified as medical doctor and anthropologist), he travelled through the Transvaal photographing the native people. This is a valuable record of tribal peoples of the area in the 1860s. Johannesburg, Jacana Media, 2008. First edition. 4to. Thin card covers. Pp. 176, tinted & black / white photo-portraits, facsimile, colour map. Covers very faintly soiled. VG. Reserve price: R300.00

Lot #04/62 The story of Hottentots Holland: social history of Somerset West, the Strand, Gordon’s Bay and Sir Lowry’s Pass over three centuries by Peggy Heap. A history & social history of this elite living area of the Western Cape during the first 300 years of its colonial period. This copy has been signed by the author. Cape Town, A.A. Balkema, 1970. First edition. 8vo. Cloth. Dust jacket. Pp. ix,194,(5), black / white photos-plates, illustrations, portraits, map. Dust jacket rubbed & slightly torn, some foxing. Good+ Reserve price: R280.00

Lot #04/63 Year book and diary 1962 –The Basutoland Red Cross – 1962 Route maps – Tourist Guide edited by Mr. E. Chapman. Although the main object of this book is its use as a diary, it also has a number of articles, including “Three great Basuto” by Marion Walsham How & “Common wild flowers of Basutoland” by Amy Jacot Guillarmond. Also of interest are the attractively drawn maps of routes through the country. Maseru [Basutoland], Basutoland Red Cross, 1961. First edition. 8vo. Thin card covers. Pp. 106, photo-plates, illustrations, a number of fold-out maps. Covers are a bit rubbed, text pages faintly browned. Good+ Reserve price: R180.00

Lot #04/64 8th Kaffir War, 1850-1853: a provisional list of officers of the Irregular Forces of the Cape of Good Hope by J.J. Hulme. Lists all officers, with details of command, raising of Hottentot, Fingo & other levies, action seen on the eastern Cape frontier, etc.. A cyclostyled product, printed on single side of each page. Durban, T.W. Griggs & Co., 1987. First edition. 4to. Printer wrappers. Pp. 33. Covers lightly marked. Good+ Reserve price: R330.00 

Lot #04/65 A narrative of the Eighth Frontier War of 1851 to 1853 by Isaiah Staples. An account of the war against the Hottentots at the Kat River settlement on the eastern frontier of the Cape. A handful of copies were previously printed in the 1950s from the original manuscript. This reprint has two new introductions, as well as a bibliography & index. “StateLibrary Reprints” no. 62. Pretoria, State Library, 1974. Reprint. 4to. Hardcover. Dust jacket. First publication in book form on an eastern Cape frontier war. Pp. (vi),59, frontispiece (portrait), plates, maps (1 folding). Dust jacket edge-worn, some foxing. Good+ Reserve price: R280.00

Lot #04/66 Onder de Boeren in Transvaal by C. Brouwer. This small volume looks like a romantic story about the Anglo-Boer War, but actually gives much information to the youth of Holland, studying the war being fought at that time. Rotterdam, J.M. Bredée, (c. 1899). First edition. 8vo. Hardcover. Pp. (iv),68, plates, portraits.  Covers restored, ex-library copy that has usual pockets, accession numbers, etc.  paper severely browned. Good. Reserve price: R150.00

Lot #04/67 Pioneers’ progress: early Natal …. [being a collection of the local histories of the early settlements between Durban and Pietermaritzburg and profiles of some of those intrepid men and women who played a part in their founding and development] edited & presented by Bob O’Keefe. A well-illustrated history of all the villages & towns found along the way down the N3 from Hillcrest to Durban, including Pinetown, Westville, Hillcrest, Mariannhill, New Gfrenchermany, Botha’s Hill. Hillcrest, Hilltop Publications, 1988. First edition. 4to. Hardcover. Pp. 100, photos, illustrations, portraits, facsimiles, map. slightly dusty. Good+ Reserve price: R290.00

Lot #04/68/Die besoek van dieAmerikaanse Oorlogsfregat “Potomac” aan die Kaap in 1831: ‘n sosiaal-historiese studie in wyere verband by Prof. C.F.J. Muller. The visit of the American ship in 1831 caused quite a stir at the Cape among colonists and indigenous people. This Afrikaans article was offprinted from “Herzog-Annale” Jaarboek 2, Desember 1955. Inscribed & signed by the author on front cover. Pretoria, Suid-Afrikaanse Akademie vir Wetenskap en Kuns, 1955. Offprint. 8vo. Printer wrappers. Pp. 46 – 74. Covers browned. Good+ Reserve price: R80.00 

Lot #04/69 Short papers chiefly on South African, subjects by Andrew Smith. A series of pers relating to many facets of South African society, fauna, flora, native people, climatology, meteorology, education, the church, bible studies, etc.. SABIB, 4/230, second column, fifth from top. Lovedale, The Lovedale Mission Press, 1893. First edition. 8vo. Cloth. Pp. (vi),222,(1). Covers lightly marked, signature on end-paper, some toning of text pages. Good+ Reserve price: R320.00 

Lot #04/70 1899: the long march home …. a little-known incident in the Anglo-Boer War by Elsabé Brink. Account of 7000 Natal Zulu workers who walked from the Witwatersrand home at the start of the Anglo-Boer War. Cape Town, Kwela Books, 1999. First edition. 4to. Thin card covers. Pp. 111, photos, portraits, facsimiles, maps. Covers a bit rubbed. Good+ Reserve price: R120.00 SOLD

Lot #04/71With Botha in the field by Moore Ritchie. This is an interesting book on the 1914 Rebellion & one of the first accounts of the First World War in South West Africa. Particularly interesting because it was written by a foreigner and dealt with what is usually treated as a domestic issue. Also of interest is the fact that the photo–plate opposite pg. 8, showing the eight Rebel leaders, is present. This plate is usually omitted for legal reasons. The plate is present, but has been trimmed & repaired & is loosely inserted. London, Longmans, Green & Co., 1915. First edition. 8vo. Hardcover (cloth spine-backed boards with photo of Botha laid down on front cover). Pp. xii,68, photo-plates, portraits, maps. Covers slightly rubbed, text faintly browned. Good+ Reserve price: R600.00

Lot #04/71 Fortune my foe: the story of Charles John Andersson, African explorer (1827-1867) by J.P.R. Wallis. An excellent biography of one of the more important explorers active among the Damara and other tribes of south-western Africa. He led the Damara in a war against the Hottentots, hunted & traded in the interior as far as Lake Ngami. He was a serious ornithologist & published a book on birds of Damaraland which was supposed to have been illustrated with plates by Thomas Baines. The plates were left out and only published more than a hundred years later. London, Jonathan Cape, 1941. First edition. 8vo. Cloth. Dust jacket. Pp. 412, plates, portraits, end-paper map. Dust jacket rubbed & edge-worn. Good+ Reserve price: R800.00

Lot #04/72 Thomas Baines of King’s Lynn: explorer and artist, 1820-1875 by J.P.R. Wallis. Excellent biography of the great traveller-artist. London, Jonathan Cape, 1936. First edition. 8vo. Cloth. Dust jacket. Pp. 351, plates, portraits, 2 maps (1 folding). Price-clipped dust jacket slightly soiled, frayed at top of spine. VG. Reserve price: R550.00 SOLD

Lot #04/73 A hunting expedition to the Transvaal by D. Fernandes das Neves. The author travelled from Mozambique through the present-day Kruger National Park, to Louis Trichardt & up past Pafuri. The rare original printing of this hunting expedition dates from 1879. The reprint has a new preface & index. “State Library Reprints” no. 95. Pretoria, State Library, 1987. Facsimile reprint. 8vo. Hardcover. Pp. viii,xi,298, plates, portraits, folding map. VG. Reserve price: R1000.00

Lot #04/74 Een bezoek aan de Delagoa-Baai en de Lijdenburgsche goudvelden by Hendrik P.N. Muller …. met teekeningen van P.A. Schipperus …. An account of travels to the Eastern Transvaal goldfields & Lourenco Marques, originally published in 1887. “State Library Reprints” no. 77. Pretoria, State Library, 1977. Reprint. 8vo. Hardcover. Pp. (i),87, black / white photos, illustrations. VG.  Reserve price: R300.00

Lot #04/75 Dynamite and daisies: the story of Barberton by Piet Meiring. A history of this eastern Transvaal mining village & all its colourful pioneering characters. Cape Town, Purnell, 1976. First edition. 8vo. Hardcover. Dust jacket. Pp. (ix),177, photo-plates, portraits. Dust jacket slightly browned, paper browned, ownership label removed from front paste-down (leaving a mark). Good+ Reserve price: R240.00

Lot #04/76 Goud vir die soeker: die verhaal van die mense van die Boshoff-myne by Piet Meiring. The story of the Boshoff mines & the Boshoff family who started them & of “Koeks” Boshoff who continued them. Signatures of eight people including “Koeks”, James Humphreys, and others. Afrikaans text. Cape Town, Tafelberg, 1963. First edition. 8vo. Cloth. Pp. (iii),143,(1), black / white photo-plates, portraits. No dust jacket, some browning, 8 signatures on end-paper. Good+ Reserve price: R150.00

Lot #33/78 Oppenheimer and son by Anthony Hocking. Biography of Sir Ernest & Harry Oppenheimer & study of the Oppenheimer empire. Johannesburg, McGraw-Hill Book Co., 1973. First edition. 8vo. Hardcover. Dust jacket. Pp. (x),526, photo-plates, portraits, map. Dust jacket protected by wrap-around plastic, previous owner’s address label on end-paper some light foxing. Good+ Reserve price: R150.00

Lot #04/79 The Rand Revolt: the 1922 insurrection and racial killing in South Africa by Jeremy Krikler. A fine account, based on a study of this important incident in South African labour relations & particularly in Johannesburg history. Johannesburg, Jonathan Ball Publishers, 2005. First South African edition. 8vo. Thin card covers. Pp. xiv,405, photo-plates, portraits, maps. VG. Reserve price: R150.00

Lot #04/80 The broken string: the last words of an extinct people by Neil Bennun. This is a story of the Bushman people as seen through the eyes of Wilhelm Bleek & Lucy Lloyd, who together filled 12000 sheets of paper with their transcriptions of Bushman stories, songs, personal histories & art. London, Viking, 2004. First edition. 8vo. Hardcover. Pp. ix,420, photo-plates, portraits. Paper lightly toned. VG. Reserve price: R150.00 SOLD


Lot #04/81 Die sozialen Ordnungen bei den Zulu und die mariannhiller Mission, 1882-1909 by F. Georg Max Lautenschlager. A study of social structure of Zulus at Mariannhill Mission in Durban. German text. “Institut für Missionswissenschaft der versität Münster/Wesf. …. Veröffentlichung ausserhalb der Reihe” D6. Reimlingen, St. Josefs Verlag,1963. First edition. 8vo. Printer wrappers. Pp. xxvi,395,(1), folding maps. Library-stamps on half-title & title-page. Good+ Reserve price: R140.00

Lot #04/82 “Memorandum” of the Mission of the Immaculate Conception …. diary of Venerable Father Joseph Gerard, O.M. at Roma Mission Lesotho from December 1864 until February 1875 by Father Gerard …. [edited by Marcel Ferragne]. Letters, journals & documents, from the pioneer missionaries stationed at Roma. A fairly basic, cyclostyled production, printed one side of the paper only. Published in the series “Lesotho Documents.” Roma [Lesotho], The Social Centre, (c. 1978). First English language edition. 4to. Printer wrappers. Pp. 136, map. Good+ Reserve price: R190.00

Lot #04/83 Hundert Jahre Berliner Mission …. Heft 2: Die Berliner Mission auf ihren Arbeitsfeldern by W. Gründler. Volume two only. Includes sections on the Berlin Mission Society in South Africa (particularly the southern C of ape, Zululand & Northern Transvaal). German text. SABIB., 2/457 (three copies only). Volume two has the complete section on the mission stations overseas.  Berlin, Buchhandlung der Berliner ev. Missionsgesellschaft, (1924). Second edition. 8vo. Printer wrappers. Pp. 89, 5 maps. Wrappers torn & chipped, some pages with tears, some marks & writing in the text, paper browned. Fair. Reserve price: R140.00


Lot #04/84 Wagon-tracks and orchards: early days in Sandton by Juliet Marais Louw. A well illustrated history of  pioneer times in Sandton. “Pictura africana” series. Johannesburg, Ad. Donker, 1976. First edition. 4to. Hardcover. Dust jacket. Pp. 136, photos, portraits. Dust jacket a bit edge-worn, some faint foxing. Good+ Reserve price: R190.00

Lot #04/85 Der Goldbergbau in der südafrikanischen Republik Transvaal und seine Bedeutung für die deutsche Maschinenindustrie (Vorgetragen in der Sitzung des berliner Bezirksvereines vom 21. Februar 1894) by Karl Schmeisser. Study of the gold mining industry in Transvaal and its relevance for the German machine manufacturing industry. German text. Reprint from “Zeitschrift des Vereines deutscher Ingenieure”, Band 38. SABIB, 4, p. 149. Berlin [Germany], A.W. Schade, 1894. First separate edition. 8vo. Printer wrappers. Wraps slightly frayed, paper browned. VG.  Reserve price: R350.00

Lot #04/86 Comdt. Holden Bowker: an 1820 Settler book including unpublished records of the frontier wars by Ivan Mitford-Barberton. History of the Bowker family of 1820 Settlers & their part in some of the frontier wars. Cape Town, Human & Rousseau, 1970. First edition. 8vo. Hardcover. Dust jacket. Pp. 274, portraits, family crests, map. Dust jacket repaired at head & foot of spine, now protected by wrap-around plastic. VG. Reserve price: R300.00 SOLD

Lot #04/87 Ceres van gister & eergister by François Botma …. foto’s: Kobus du Plessis. This is a different sort of district history book. There are many interviews with local personalities, as well as descriptions of pioneers and their buildings & homes; businessmen, educators, industrialists, but mainly farmers and friends. “Miscellanea Specialia” #17. Pretoria, Universiteit van Suid-Afrika,1997. First edition. 8vo. Hardcover. Pp. xxi,216, black / white photos, portraits, 2 large folding maps inside back cover. Covers slightly rubbed, maps loose at back, signature on front paste-down. Good+ Reserve price: R260.00

Lot #04/88 The platinum deposits and mines of South Africa by Percy A. Wagner …. with a chapter on the mineragraphy and spectrography of the sulphidic platinum ores of the Bushveld Complex by Prof. Dr. H. Schneiderhöhn. A reprint of the rare original, 1929, printing. The standard work. Cape Town, C. Struik, 1973. Second impression. 8vo. Hardcover. Dust jacket. Pp. xv,338, black / white photos, diagrams (some folding), tables, maps. Dust jacket spine sunned, some faint foxing, Good+ Reserve price: R350.00 SOLD

Lot #04/89 The diamond fields of Southern Africa by Percy Albert Wagner. The most comprehensive book of its time on South Africa’s almost unlimited supply of diamonds, describing mining techniques engineering, etc.. Includes the mining areas of Botswana and Namibia. Cape Town, C. Struik,1971. Second impression. 8vo. Hardcover. Pp. xxxv,(i),355, black / white photo-plates, diagrams (some folding),tables, maps (some folding). Dust jacket rubbed & with some tears, faint foxing, small rubber-stamp on rear paste-down. Good+ Reserve price:  R400.00

Lot #04/90 Loolekop: the story of Palabora Mining Company by Brian Pottinger. A history of the copper mine at Palabora in the Transvaal bushveld. Johannesburg, Jonathan Ball Publishers, 1990. First edition. 8vo. Hardcover. Dust jacket. Pp. (xi),154, photo-plates (some colour), portraits, tables. Dust jacket rubbed, tape-marks on paste-downs. Good+ Reserve price: R150.00 SOLD

Lot #04/91 The Colonial Orphan Chamber and Trust Company. Executor, Trustee, Attorney, Under Power, Administrator, Liquidator, Agent, etc. ….  Methods of business and other information for the general public A booklet that gives the potential client guidance with regard to estate planning, drawing up a will, liquidators, etc.. Parallel English / Afrikaans text. Cover title: The “C.O.C.” Cape Town …. what it stands for. Cape Town, The Company, (c. 191-?). First edition. 8vo. Printer wrappers. Pp. 22, sepia illustrations. Some slight creasing. Good+ Reserve price: R130.00 

Lot #04/92 Natives, drink, labour. Our duty by J.M. Orpen. Deals with the various evil effects of alcohol on the black labourers in South Africa. SABIB, 3/600 (second column, final lot, first edition …. only two copies). East London, Crosby & Co. Printers, 1913. First edition. 8vo. Printer wrappers. Pp. 88 (double column). Covers unevenly sunned, some chips out of edges, faint browning. Good+ Reserve price: R200.00 SOLD

Lot #04/93 Contributions to South African petrography by Frederic Philip. The first study of petrography in Southern Africa. Reprinted from the “Geological Museum,” August, 1902. Hertford [UK], Stephen Austin & Sons, (c. 1902). First edition. 8vo. Printer wrappers. Pp. 14, microscopic images. Library marks, stamps & blind-stamp on front wrap. Good+ Reserve price: R110.00

Lot #04/94 Fossil reptiles of the South African Karoo by M.A. Cluver. A beginner or child guide to fossil reptiles of the Karoo, with fairly basic information & illustrations. Cape Town, South African Museum, 1978. First edition. 8vo. Hardcover. Dust jacket. Pp. 54, illustrations & photos (some colour), diagrams, tables, maps. Dust jacket slightly rubbed. VG. Reserve price: R80.00 SOLD

Lot #04/95 Einiqualand: studies of the Orange River frontier edited by Andrew B. Smith. A series of papers by leading authorities on the history, archaeology & ethnography of the indigenous people beside the Orange River & the nearby interior. Quite a bit of the study was done of pastoralism & architecture at  the Richtersveld. Cape Town, UCT Press, 1995. First edition. 8vo. Thin card covers. Pp. xx,330, photos, illustrations, diagrams, tables, maps. An ex-library copy, some scraping of covers, library-stamps, labels & accession numbers on a few prelim pages. A good working copy. Good+ Reserve price: R330.00

Lot #04/96 The 19th century Lutheran Mission in Botswana by Andrea Mignon. Mostly concerned with the history of this Lutheran Mission in Western Transvaal & Botswana, under different tribal peoples. Gaborone, The Botswana Society & the National Archives and Records Services,1996. First edition. 8vo. Printer wrappers. Pp. (iii),iii,47, black / white photos, portraits, maps. Corners a bit creased. Good+ Reserve price: R150.00

Lot #04/97 Missionary attitudes to Shona culture. 1890-1923 by W.R. Peaden. A study of the European viewpoint (missionaries) on the local Shona culture. Salisbury, Central Africa Historical Association, 1970. First edition. 8vo. Printer wrappers. Pp.  41. Some foxing. Good+ Reserve price: R140.00

Lot #04/98 “Some early exploring expeditions and travels in South Africa:” a lecture delivered on the 31st March, 1916, at the quarterly meeting of the Mountain Club by C. Graham Botha. Due to time constraints, Botha only covered some of the major explorer / travellers of the Dutch period. Signed by the author on front cover. Cape Town, Cape Times Ltd., (1916). First edition. 8vo. Printer wrappers. Pp. (iv),8, folding map. Outside, lower corner of front wrap chipped away. Good+ Reserve price: R180.00


Lot #04/99 Echt relaas en dagverhaal, wegens den opstand en het afloopen van’t Oost-Indisch Compagnie-Schip Nyenburg …. A story of mutiny & ship sinking in 1763, shortly after stopping at the Cape. Dutch text. Only about 100 copies of this reprint were published. “State Library Reprint” no. 65. Pretoria, The State Library, 1972. Reprint. 8vo. Printer wrappers. Pp. (iv),29. VG. Reserve price: R150.00

Lot #04/100 25 Jahre Arbeit der hermannsburger deutsch-evangelisch-lutherischen Synode in Süd-Afrika: ein Jubiläumsbuch edited by Pastor Wilhelm Bodenstein.  A history & celebration of the missionaries & settlers from Hannover area in Germany to Natal, south-eastern Transvaal & Western Transvaal. Settlers began arriving in the 1840s in Natal and missionaries in the 1850s. Includes a useful appendix, listing all settlers & missionaries, their date of arrival, occupation (many were farmers) & which district or town they came from in Germany. German text. Hermannsburg [Hannover, Germany], Verlag der Missionshandlung, (1937). First edition. 8vo. Thin card covers. Pp. (vi),135,(1), black / white photo-plates, portraits, tables, folding map inside back cover. Covers unevenly browned, spine slightly frayed at foot, signature on reverse of frontispiece. Good+ Reserve price: R370.00 SOLD

Lot #04/101 Neunter Jahresbericht der Rheinischen Missions-Gesellschaft vom 1. September 1837 bis Ende August 1838 Two of these annual reports for the Rhenish Mission Society. They both Include details for the year from mission stations in South Africa & Namibia, at Stellenbosch, Worcester, Tulbagh & Wupperthal. German text. Barmen [Germany], der Gesellschaft, 1838. First edition. 8vo. Modern wrappers. Pp. 44. …. bound together with …. Zwölfter Jahresbericht der Rheinischen Missions-Gesellschaft vom 1. September 1840 bis Ende August 1841 Barmen, der Gesellschaft, 1838. First edition. Pp. 48. Disbound, foxing, some margin repairs. Good+ Reserve price: R330.00 

Lot #04/102 Alexander Merensky, Dr. Theol.: ein Lebensbild aus der deutschen evangelischen Mission des letzten Jahrhunderts by Hermann Petrich. I have not previously had a copy of this biography of the Berlin missionary, who travelled extensively in the Transvaal for about 40 years in the 1800s. He founded a number of mission stations. He was father of the great geologist, Hans Merensky. German text. SABIB, 3/660 (second column, fourth from top). RARE – only one copy listed. (Berlin [Germany], Verlag der Buchhandlung der Berliner Evangelischen Missionsgesellschaft), (1919). First edition. 8vo. Printer wrappers. Pp. 216, engravings, portraits. Spine frayed, cover corners creased, text paper browned, previous owner’s signature on title-page, a few closed margin tears. Good. Reserve price: R350.00

Lot #04/103 The Catholic Church in the Transvaal by J.B. Brain. A typically well researched study of Catholics in the Transvaal by Prof. Brain, with brief biographies of the people involved and an extensive bibliography. Johannesburg, Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate, 1991. First edition. 8vo. Printer wrappers. Pp. 454, black / white photo-plates, portraits, facsimiles, maps. Signature inside front wrap. Good+ Reserve price: R180.00 SOLD

Lot #04/104 Die huis van die armes: die Berlynse Sendinggenootskap in die O.V.S., 1834-1869 ’n bloemlesing, geredigeer & vertaal deur Karel Schoeman. An anthology of early descriptions of the missionaries and the mission station at Bethanie in the Free State. Includes early contacts between pioneer settlers and tribal peoples (Batswana & Korana). Afrikaans text. “Vrijstatia” series #4. Cape Town, Human & Rousseau, 1985. First edition. 8vo. Hardcover. Dust jacket. Pp. 144, plates, portraits. Dust jacket rubbed & spine browned. Good+ Reserve price: R390.00 bids welcome

Lot #04/105 The Honorable Lieut.-Colonel, Frederick Schermbrucker, M.L.O., at the Cape of Good Hope. A brief sketch of a student, soldier, journalist & legislator by Charles Cowen. Original edition 1884. “State Library Reprints” no. 93. Pretoria, State Library, 1983. Reprint. 8vo. Printer wrappers. Pp. 44,ix. Light browning. Good+ Reserve price: R230.00 bids welcome

Lot #04/106 Die mynwerkerstaking, Witwatersrand, 1922 by A.G. Oberholster. A study of the 1922 mineworker’s strike. Afrikaans text. Pretoria, Raad vir Geesteswetenskaplike Navorsing. First edition. 8vo Hardcover. Dust jacket. Pp. (x),223, black / white photos, portrait. Dust jacket slightly rubbed.VG. Reserve price: R220.00 bids welcome

Lot #04/107 The elite: the story of the Rhodesian Special Air Service by Barbara Cole. A detailed history of this regiment during the Rhodesian bush war. Durban, Three Knights Publishing, 1984. First standard edition. 8vo. Hardcover. Dust jacket. Pp. (x),449, photos (some colour), portraits, plans, maps. Dust jacket slightly torn, foxing. Good. Reserve price: R300.00 bids welcome 

Lot #04/108 Blue and Old Gold: the history of the British South Africa Police,1889-1980 by Peter Gibbs, Hugh Phillips and Nick Russell …. illustrated by Richard Hamley. The history of the famous police unit from Zimbabwe, covering the early years in Mashonaland & Matabeleland, the Jameson Raid & Anglo-Boer War, First & Second World Wars & the bush war. Excellent research and illustrations. Becoming difficult to find. Johannesburg, 30˚ South Publishers, 2009. First edition. 4to. Hardcover. Dust jacket. Pp. 576, colour plates, portraits, black / white photos, portraits, maps. Dust jacket slightly rubbed, VG. Reserve price: R750.00 bids welcome

Lot #04/109 Cry Zimbabwe: independence – twenty years on by Peter Stiff. Looks at the issue of colonial owned lands. Johannesburg, Galago, 2000First edition. 8vo. Hardcover. Dust jacket. Pp. 496, photo-plates (some colour), portraits, maps. Dust jacket rubbed. Good+ Reserve price: R240.00 bids welcome


Lot #04/110 Tracks in a mountain range: exploring the history of the uKhahlamba-Drakensberg by John Wright & Aron Mazel. An excellent study of the Drakensberg, early people (San Bushmen & their art), collision between San, Black tribesmen & European colonisers. Johannesburg, Wits University Press, 2007. First edition. 8vo. Thin card covers. Pp. xi,(i),155, colour & black / white photos, portraits, tables, maps. VG. Reserve price: R250.00 bids welcome

Lot #04/111 The eight Zulu kings [from Shaka to Goodwill Zwelithini] by John Laband. Zulu expert historian, Laband, uses the biographical knowledge of the Zulu monarchy to illustrate Zulu history during their time, Johannesburg, Jonathan Ball Publishers, 2018. South African Trade Paperback Edition. 8vo. Card covers. Pp. viii.422, black / white illustrations, portraits, maps. VG. Reserve price: R330.00 bids welcome 

Lot #04/112 Gerry Bouwer en sy Chrysler deur Afrika (1928): with English supplement From Cape Town to Cairo in a Chrysler – a “United States of Africa” beckons when Gerry Bouwer undertakes a challenging reconnaissance trip in 1928 by Floris J.G. van der Merwe. Account of  a trip through Africa from Cape to Cairo on expedition sponsored by “The Rand Daily Mail” & “The “Sunday Times.”   Stellenbosch, FJG Publikasies, 1998. First edition. 4to. Thin card covers. Pp. vii,72, photos (some colour), portraits. Covers a bit rubbed, corners slightly creased. Good+ Reserve price: R220.00 bids welcome


Lot #01/12 South African merchant ships: an illustrated recent history of coasters, colliers, containerships, tugs and other vessels by B.D. Ingpen. A history of South African merchant shipping, particularly since 1910. Cape Town, A.A. Balkema, 1979. First edition. 4to. Cloth. Dust jacket. Pp. ix,149, photos, map. Dust jacket frayed & rubbed, light foxing. Good+ Reserve price: R190.00 bids welcome 

Lot #01/13 Lady trader: a biography of Mrs. Sarah Heckford by Vivien Allen. The biography of an extraordinary women who challenged the taboos of her time, nursing, travelling, trading & farming in the Transvaal in the last quarter of the 19th century. The account spans both Anglo-Boer Wars, including quite a bit about besieged Pretoria during the First Boer War. London, Collins, 1979. First edition. 8vo. Hardcover. Dust jacket. Pp. ix,243, photo-plates, portraits. Dust jacket rubbed & frayed, signature on end-paper, foxing. Good. Reserve price: R200.00 bids welcome [R260]

Lot #01/14 De familie Milner, of de diamantdelvers aan Vaalrivier naar het Engelsch [van Jessie Jane Humphreys] door Fred H. Olland. A romantic story set in the vicinity of the Vaal River prospecting area. Dutch translation. SABIB, 2/623 (last item in first column). Leiden, A.W. Sijthoff, 1892. First edition. 8vo. Decorative cloth. Pp. (vi),510,(2). Covers rubbed, a few pages working loose, signature on end-paper, some browning. Good. Reserve price: R370.00 bids welcome


Lot #01/16 A fool on the veld by Leonard Flemming. A collection of satirical tales of the South African platteland. Bloemfontein, A.C. White, 1946. Seventh edition. 8vo. Cloth. Pp. (xii),149. Paper browned, signature on front paste-down. VG. Reserve price: R190.00 bids welcome

Lot #02/02 The sea chart: the illustrated history of nautical maps and navigational charts by John Blake. A well-researched study of sea charts, magnificent maps are reproduced in this large format book. Includes quite a bit on the Portuguese navigators and our continent. London, Conway Maritime Press, 2009. New edition. 4to. Card covers. Pp. 160, colour maps. VG. Reserve price: R420.00 bids welcome

Lot #02/03 His ancestry and some writings by Brownlee J. Ross …. compiled by R.H.W. Shepherd.  Account of the 19th century missionary work of John Ross, Richard Ross & Brownlee J. Ross in the eastern Cape, followed by writings of the latter on Xhosa history, beliefs & culture. Lovedale, Lovedale Press, 1948. First edition. 8vo. Cloth. Pp. (i),109. Light foxing. VG  Reserve rice: R300.00 bids welcome

Lot #02/15 The spread of printing: Eastern Hemisphere, South Africa by Anna H. Smith. Interesting historical details on pioneer printing by missionaries, journalists, military, various governments, etc.. Amsterdam, Vangendt & Co., 1971. First edition. 8vo. Printer wrappers. Pp. 171, black / white photos, portraits, facsimiles, maps. Cover & text corners creased. Good+ Reserve price : R370.00 bids welcome [R550]

Lot #02/16 A select bibliography of the Zulu people of Natal and Zululand by Trevor Cope. A very useful reference book divided into subjects such as history, ethnography, literature, language arts & crafts. Durban, Department of Bantu Languages, University of Natal, 1984. First edition. 4to. Thin card covers. Pp. (i),84. Corners creased, name-stamp inside covers, foxing. Good. Reserve price: R290.00 bids welcome [R900]

Lot #02/17 Select bibliography of South African native life and problems compiled for the Inter-University Committee for African Studies under the direction of I. Schapera. Still the best source book for ethnography up to about 1940. London, Oxford University Press, 1941. First edition. 8vo. Cloth. Pp. xii,249. Covers a bit marked, corners bumped & tape-marks on end-papers. Good+ Reserve price: R360.00 bids welcome

Lot #02/18 Africana: the Encyclopedia of the African and African American Experience edited by Kwame Anthony Appiah & Henry Louis Gates. An invaluable & enormous resource on African & African American places of origin & people of importance from fields such as politics, race, science, jazz, theatre, academia. From Peter Abrahams to James Earl Jones, Nkruma to Mandela & Miriam Makeba to Helen Suzman. New York, Basic Civitas Books, 1999. First edition. 4to. Hardcover. Pp. xxxvii,(i),2095, colour plates, colour & black / white photos, portraits, maps. No dust jacket. VG. Reserve price: R440.00 bids welcome



Lot #03/02 Praatjies met die Oumense by C. Louis Leipoldt. Leipoldt asks and attempts to answer some difficult questions on health: sex, morals, disease, ageing, normality, cancer, malaria. Afrikaans text. SABIB, 3/80 (Second column – ten copies). Johannesburg, South African Book Store, (c. 1918). First edition. 8vo. Cloth. Pp. (vii),190. Covers unevenly faded & titles not too clear, paper browned. Good. Reserve price: R380.00 bids welcome


Lot #03/05 Trados – die Swerwer-Boesman by P.J. Schoeman. This may be considered “faction” as it is loosely based on the author’s experiences with Kung Bushmen in northern Namibia. Nicely illustrated. Afrikaans text. Johannesburg, Voortrekkerpers Bpk., 1963. First edition. 8vo. Hard cover. Dust jacket. Pp. 220, plates, illustrations. Dust jacket a bit creased. Good+ Reserve price: R320.00 bids welcome




Lot #-03/06 Swerwer-Sprokies by P.J. Schoeman. Schoeman spent a lot of time among the San people & these are stories he heard from them. Afrikaans text. Johannesburg, Perskor-Uitgewery, 1984. First edition. 8vo. Hardcover. Dust jacket. Pp. 116. Dust jacket edge-worn, signature. Good+ Reserve price: R400.00 bids welcome


Lot #03/09 Falling into place: the story of modern South African place names by Elwyn Jenkins. Cape Town, David Philip, 2007. First edition. 8vo. Card covers. Pp. vi,(ii),220. A useful reference to the naming & re-naming of towns, provinces, airports, streets, etc. in the last 30 years. VG. Reserve price: R150.00 bids welcome


Lot #03/11 The far interior: chronicles of pioneering in the Matabele and Mashona countries, 1847-1879 by Edward C. Tabler. The best single work on early pioneers: hunters, missionaries, prospectors, traders. Pasted inside the front cover is a review of the book written by historian P.J. van der Merwe,  which appeared in “Huisgenoot” of 1/7/1957. Cape Town, A.A. Balkema,1955. First edition. 8vo. Cloth. Pp. 443, plates, portraits, diagram, maps (1 folding). Cloth a bit dusty, inner-hinges splitting. Good+ Reserve price: R500.00 bids welcome


Lot #03/14 Basuto traditions : being a record of the traditional history of the most  important of the tribes which form the Basuto Nation of to-day up to the time of their being absorbed compiled from Native sources by J.C. Macgregor. This invaluable work gives historical as well as ethnographic details on 14 tribes of Basutoland. “Willem Hiddingh Reprint Series” no. 12. Cape Town, University of Cape Town Library & South African Library, 1957. Facsimile reprint. 12mo. Cloth-backed boards. Pp. (iii),67. Ex-library copy, with label removed, stamps & accession numbers. Good+ Reserve price: R220.00 bids welcome


Lot #03/15 The Republic of Natal. The origin of the present Pondo Tribe. Imperial treaties with Panda, and establishment of the Colony of Natal by George McCall Theal. A reprint of a rare work (original published in 1886), by the well-known historian.”Willem Hiddingh Reprint Series” no. 16 . Cape Town, University of Cape Town Library & South African Library, 1961. Facsimile reprint. 12mo, Cloth-backed marbled boards. Pp. (vi),67. Some browning in the text. VG. Reserve price: R400.00 bids welcome


Lot #03/12 Giants of the desert: the elephants of the Namib and the world they live in  by Fritz Eloff. Photos & a brief text describe the elephants & other animals, trees, reptiles, birds & various people found in the Namib. Pretoria, Protea House Books, 2010. First edition. 8vo. Hardcover. Pp. 149, photos (mostly colour), portraits. Covers slightly rubbed. VG. Reserve price: R360.00 bids welcome


Lot #03/17 Montanha in Zoutpansberg: ‘n Portugese handelsending van Inhambane se besoek aan Schoemansdal, 1855-1856 by O.J.O. Ferreira …. met die medewerking van C.E.F. von Reiche & D.P.M. Botes. The first half of the book deals with the history of the trade mission & the people involved, together with their desire for access to the Indian Ocean. The second half is an Afrikaans translation of the travel journal of Montanha from Inhambane to Schoemansdal. Afrikaans text. Pretoria, Protea Boekhuis, 2002. First edition. 8vo. Hardcover. Dust jacket. Pp. 232, black / white photos, illustrations, portraits, maps. Dust jacket slightly rubbed. VG. Reserve price: R300.00 bids welcome [R450]



Lot #03/18 Shipwrecks on and off the coasts of Southern Africa: a catalogue and index compiled by R.F. Kennedy. An invaluable book on shipwrecks. The first 24 pages consist of a catalogue of books in the Africana Library with references to shipwrecks on our coasts. The balance consists of an alphabetic listing of ships by name, with brief description of the circumstances of the wreck & reference to books which describe the wreck concerned. Johannesburg, Johannesburg Public Library, 1955. First edition. 4to. Cloth-backed wrappers. Pp. (iii),147, printed (cyclostyled) one side of each sheet. Ex-library copy, covers creased & torn, envelope inside front cover, stamps & numbers, corners of a number of pages worn. Fair only …. a good working copy. Reserve price: R250.00 bids welcome [R600]