Lot #11/22 Adventure in South-West Africa (1894-1898) by Eberhard Rosenblad …. published from the author’s notes
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Lot #11/22 Adventure in South-West Africa (1894-1898) by Eberhard Rosenblad …. published from the author’s notes by Evert Sylvander …. translated from the original Swedish edition & edited by Ione & Jalmar Rudner. An account of travel, hunting & trade in Namibia. Experiences with tribal people (Bushmen, Hottentots, Ovambo & Damara) & hunting big game. The author was a Swedish traveller, who interacted with other Swedes in Namibia, including Axel Eriksson & Dr. Hartmann. Windhoek, Namibia Scientific Society, 2007. First edition. 8vo. Thin card covers. Pp. 184, photos, map. VG. Reserve price: R500.00 bids welcome

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