Lot #21/14 Two books on Old Marico
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Lot #21/14 Two books on Old Marico  Boere en jagters in ou Marico: vertellinge uit die geskiedenis van die ou Marico streek by C.F. Gronum …. versamel en verwerk deur prof. J.H. Coetzee. An old resident of Marico, recounts memories & stories from his youth, of Boer hunters in the area, as well as in Bechuanaland & Rhodesia as far as the Victoria Falls.  Afrikaans text. [“Ou Marico” #1]. Potchefstroom, Pro Rege, 1974. First edition. 8vo. Card covers. Pp. 104, photo-plates. Covers a bit rubbed & creased. Good+ …. together with …. Transportry, runderpes en poskoetse: mededelinge oor die soet en suur, voorbereidings, ontberinge en teëspoede betrokke by die transportryery en posvervoer teen die einde van die vorige eeu by C.F. Gronum ….. versamel en verwerk deur prof. J.H, Coetzee …. A collection of interviews with old Marico residents about transport riding, stage coaches, trading, etc. In the western Transvaal, northern Cape, Rhodesia. Afrikaans text.“Ou Marico” #2. Potchefstroom, Pro Rege, 1975. First edition. 8vo. Card covers. Pp. 140, portraits. Covers rubbed. VG. For the two books sold as a pair Reserve price: R400.00 bids welcome BUY NOW [The first bidder to bid the buy now amount wins this lot] @ R550.00

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